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Stockholm: Revenge of the North

The greenest, most environmentally committed capital, Stockholm is closely followed by the fashion, design, and gastronomic worlds. This is where influential trends are born.

Water, water, everywhere… In Stockholm, you are surrounded by water. With the mouth of Lake Mälar to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east, the Swedish capital is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges that are more fun to cross on foot or bike than by car. It is the European Green Capital the most environmentally friendly of cities, where you can swim and go fishing right in the city centre. In Stockholm, in summer, the days are longer and more beautiful than the nights. Because of solstice, they are 18 hours long, and the sun never sets on St. John. This is the time for joyous parties in the gardens, parks, and islands of the archipelago. And, here, the forest occupies as much space as the sea a third of the city. Hence, its devotion to nature. In Stockholm, in winter, the days are shorter and the sky starrier at night. The days are just six hours long, yet the city is all flickering lights. It shines by candlelight, with candlesticks placed in each window. This is the time of mulled wine, cakes with cinnamon, and reindeer awaiting Santa as you tour the Östermaln design shops and vintage stores in Södermalm. Quietly, peacefully, naturally, Stockholm has become the most influential capital of fashion, design, and gastronomy. Which would have come as no surprise to Pippi Longstocking, much less Mikael Blomkvist. For, in the realm of children's literature and Scandinavian noir, Stockholm also shines…

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